LETSGO Adventure Travel by KIFF is a natural add-on to KIFF TACKLE COMPANY, we have lined up and tested some of the best African fishing and Safari experiences for 2023 aimed solely and setup for the American Market these trips are for both Fly and Conventional Tackle anglers and adventurers that provide an opportunity to catch among others the famed African Tiger fish, these trips are part fishing and part Safari and offer an authentic wild African experience !
Get up close with the big 5 most dangerous animals on the African plains, we’ve geared our packages towards couples and built them from the ground up to ensure that you enjoy the experience of a lifetime.
We promise you an authentic African experience that won’t easily be forgotten, the African rivers, plains and bush veld are among the true wonders our planet has to offer, don’t let the opportunity to visit them pass you by.

Please drop us a mail on travel@kiff-fly.com for more info.