The Patented Leader Looper, a super tuff silicone ring that slides onto your reel seat to create a handy T-piece pivot point to loop your leader around so that you keep your leader – fly line connection outside of your rod guides, an innovation that reduces frustration and rod tip breaks!

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Silicone is simply better for FLUOROCARBON line, try it out…..they are superior

The Ultra tough super silicone leader straightener, possibly the best leader straightener on the market, unlike other straighteners our pure silicone material doesn’t heat up due to friction like rubber straighteners do that cause heat fatigue and weaken your leader and tippet! Works on thick saltwater 50lb and +0X and super fine 8X, a limp straight leader simply catches you more fish!

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The Grippi thumb sleeve is impregnated with silicone dots so that you can use it on your line control hand when casting to prevent slippage so that you can throw crisp tight casts without loosing control of slick wet fly line, simple, neat effective!
Our Slippi finger sleeve has a built in super suede cleaning pad that not only provides added protection for your stripping finger but cleans as you retrieve, it can also be loaded with a line slicker to add distance to casts and can be used in conjunction with our Grippi thumb sleeve as a far cast system.

Watch a video about the Grippi and Slippi: click here

Phone cameras are getting smarter and bigger, but all photo’s are blurred through dirty lenses! Our handy Button On Smart Lens cleaning cloth comes fitted with a button hole so that you can keep it handy at all times by hanging it on your shirt or pack to ensure that you get that perfect photo of your day out chasing dreams, simple smart and easy to use it cleans in a wipe!
Custom orders for bigger brands on select products are available! contact to enquire.
Our super finesse strike indicators are in our opinion the best, super sensitive, high floating and highly visible indicators on the market.

They check all the boxes and result in more hook ups per drift, choose your colour and ask your dealer to stock them, they have changed our fishing for the better, let them change yours too!
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